Third-Party Collections

CPA applies decades of experience to develop its advanced payment strategies across all markets.

Utility, cable and telecom companies trust CPA, the industry leader, for third-party collections. In 1977, it was the first company to specialize in debt recovery for the cable industry. Today, CPA applies decades of experience to develop its advanced payment strategies across all markets.

What is the right time and the right way to contact a particular consumer? CPA uses its IntelliTrack process to analyze demographics, use credit bureaus wisely and design the best program for maximum returns.

IntelliTrack: How intelligent analysis improves results
IntelliTrack is CPA’s proprietary collection scoring model. This process considers more than 120 predictive credit characteristics — including credit scores, demographics, open balances and past payment history — to increase collection results.

With the IntelliTrack process, CPA also customizes letter strategies — integrating its scoring intelligence with account information. These details include the account’s age, balance, history and point in the collection process. Armed with this wide range of details, CPA can make each “touchpoint” relevant and effective.

Primary Placement
Consider CPA for your primary collections. Its results, strategies and experience set it apart. CPA’s track record proves that it can make a sizable difference for your business. The company uses a smart mix of letters, calls, reminders, payment arrangements and settlements to maximize payment potential.

Second Placement
Keep trying to get paid. When other collections agencies have exhausted their ability to collect on first-placement accounts, CPA offers a comprehensive second placement program. Its second placement methodologies result in measurable increases in payments. Studies show that changing placement alone will increase activity. CPA experts know that utilizing this second placement opportunity to re-engage the consumer in the payment process is the strongest approach to get results.

Trigger Programs
Know when relevant changes affect your collection customers. CPA’s trigger programs identify any significant changes in a debtor’s contact information or ability to pay. Records are updated, which improve collection results.

Equipment Collections and Equipment Recovery Integration
Recover your valuable assets, and increase your inventory of equipment. CPA offers equipment collections that generate a higher return of assets in useable condition.

CIS and Billing System Connectivity
Stay in the loop, even in collections. CPA connects directly with a wide range of billing and customer information systems, so that its results flow directly into the consumer’s account information. This connectivity provides timely account updates and communication, improving your overall customer service.

Highly Skilled Collectors
Trust a team of professionals. CPA’s telephone collectors are highly trained. To deliver impressive results, the company focuses on training and mentoring. Moreover, CPA only hires agents with experience in customer service, who are skilled at conducting positive and respectful conversations. This approach and experience lead to impressive results for each client.

Emerging Communication Resources
Reach consumers through convenient channels. As new generations of consumers move into collections, communications must move beyond letters and phone calls. CPA offers texting programs and email communication options, and its click-to-chat capability is coming soon.

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