Payment Processing

CPA’s specialty is providing easy payment processing solutions.

Many regulated industries are required to outsource their payment processing functions. CPA’s specialty is providing easy payment processing solutions for utility and service providers of all sizes.

For several years, CPA has been providing telephone and Internet payment solutions to select clients. In 2010, it launched IntelliPort®, a completely customizable online payment portal aimed at efficient and cost-effective payment processing.

IntelliPort® Technology That Makes It Easy
IntelliPort easily integrates with your IVR and your existing web presence. In most cases, CPA has the ability to connect directly with your billing or customer information system to streamline processing timelines.

IntelliPort is a full-service solution offering:

  • Secure web payment portal
  • IVR payment processing
  • Live-agent assisted payment services

Your portals will be branded to your specifications and provide customers the opportunity to manage their account 24 hours a day. IntelliPort includes complete application management services including check verification, paper check conversion, identity and authentication services, credit/debit charge back resolution and receipt delivery for electronic payments. CPA also can provide paper and electronic billing services.

For more than 35 years, CPA has followed payment technologies and trends, staying on top of leading-edge solutions. During that time, it has built proprietary security and processing platforms designed to protect against security breaches, minimize the risk of non-payment and create efficiencies throughout the accounts receivable timeline.

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