CPA Collectors

CPA agents are committed to treating every consumer with respect, and that commitment is reflected in stellar returns for customers.

CPA collectors are key to its overall collection and recovery strategy, and have become an integral part of the company’s success.

CPA agents are committed to treating every consumer with respect, and that commitment is reflected in stellar returns for customers. The collection agents see their role as providing consumers with information and education to help them find a solution to their delinquent debt.

The CPA Difference

CPA collectors have more experience, especially in customer service, than typical collection agents.

  • Three to five years of previous customer service experience
  • Two to three years of previous collections experience
  • Average tenure of two years is well above the industry average

CPA has developed an in-house recruiting department, which provides a number of benefits:

  • More extensive testing for each position
  • Faster turnaround for placements
  • In-house knowledge of the company culture and team dynamics
  • Clarity of hiring needs through face-to-face discussions with managers
  • Dramatically reduced turnover rates

New Agent Training: 3 Phases
At CPA, the training program ensures that new agents learn about clients’ needs, understand the CPA approach, and practice their customer service skills.

Phase 1: Three-week training program provides information and practice before making live calls
Phase 2: New agents shadow experienced agents
Phase 3: Lead agents shadow new agents to monitor and provide feedback

Shadowing high performers for exposure to best practices helps new agents meet their goals. New agent calls are monitored to identify improvement opportunities and technology refresher courses are provided to improve system proficiency.

Ongoing development training is practiced at all levels.

Skill-based Workforce Management
CPA’s skill-based workforce management approach segments agents into four tiers based on strengths and abilities. The implementation of tiers works because it fits the job to the person, and it gives employees the ability to try new types of work without a fear of failure.

Agent Categories: Four Tiers
Tier 1: Take inbound customer-service calls
Tier 2: Address inbound dispute calls and calls from debtors requesting a payment plan
Tier 3: Make outbound calls from the predictive dialer to solicit payment
Tier 4: Use their advanced skills, as well as skip tracing and account management tools,
to pursue payment from an assigned portfolio of accounts. These experienced collectors are authorized to negotiate and settle delinquent debt.

All agents are evaluated on both performance and customer service quality. CPA defines success by consistently delivering high customer service and quality scores, treating consumers with dignity and respect, and meeting and exceeding collection goals.

Instead of a high-stress environment, CPA promotes a collegial and professional atmosphere through a positive approach:

  • Rewarding hard work and achievement
  • Promoting team spirit through a wide range of activities
  • Providing regular feedback and coaching
  • Creating a culture of friendly competition
  • Giving structured bonuses for meeting both customer service and performance goals
  • Offering opportunities for career path advancement

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