From new customer welcome calls, to leading third-party collection results, CPA’s integrated solutions span the customer lifecycle.

Since 1977, CPA has been advancing collections intelligence. It provides the experience, service, process and technology you deserve when it comes to collections. CPA’s systems are fully redundant, with 24/7 information and customer service available.

IntelliTrack® Creates a Smarter Way
CPA’s proprietary IntelliTrack process creates a smarter path to receivables management success. Developed in 2010, it represents a true advancement in collections theory — from improved intelligence utilization to more logical workforce management.

It more evenly distributes CPA’s collections capabilities to ensure that treatment paths are relevant and productive.

The IntelliTrack Strategy
IntelliTrack relies on CPA’s historical account data as a scoring model, providing a means to efficiently and effectively assign strategies to account groups. With consideration of more than 120 predictive credit characteristics (such as credit scores, past behavior and open credit balances), accounts are scored and segmented based on the debtors’ Propensity to Pay. Accounts with the most potential are worked first.

Benchmarks are built in throughout the process to evaluate account groups on a variety of performance metrics. Groups that perform as expected continue on the assigned track, while strategies are modified to address underperforming accounts.

CPA’s tools and tactics for collections include more than 200 unique debtor letters, dozens of tone-adjusted scripts, and credit bureau reporting.  All of these tools can be recombined and timed to calibrate the strategies to strengthen recovery results.

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